the secret life

This is the extent of my life that you all dont know. The mysterious russian side that none of you are aware of.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

chicken little incident

Have you all heard about or seen chicken little. Well its all about the sky falling. Now the supream court had a litttle chicken little incident. A chunk the size of a baseball of the celling fell and caused mass confusion. That the random thought of the day.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Time to Rethink Relationships

I think its about time to go in to seriouse meditation about dating and relationships. In the last several weeks I have learned so much about them. I have learned that relationships are to be well thought out or someone can get seriously hurt. I have learned that they are to be cherished. They are seriouse. This whole high school thing seems bogus to me now. When before I enjoyed it all. I guess I see it all from a diffrent light now. That must be what God wanted out of this whole thing. I also see all my friends through a diffrent light. They seem more near and dear to my heart. They hold more of a special spot in my heart and life. So much learning...........And i was supposed to be on break ( baaahhhaaaaaaaaaa) never take a break

Saturday, November 26, 2005


If you rearrange these words you will come up with other words.

George Bush = He Bugs Gore
The Morse Code = Here Comes Dots
Slot Machines = Cash Lost In Me
Dormitory = Dirty Room
and my personal favorite is

Election Results = Lies-- Lets Recount

Thats all the random things that I have for today. One question to you all what are you all wanting for christmas. I want .................hmmmm. well guess I will have to think on that one.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Everything is so diffrent this year

We so much to say so little time to say it all. Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was so diffrent this year. You all know my grandma passed away a couple months ago so this was our actual first holiday with out her. So it was difficult and the holidays arent over yet. So more difficult times to go. All my friends here at home in c'vill have moved on in life. My friend Megan had her baby on monday and got married some time last year. My friend teresa was to have her baby I think on wednesday but havent heard fromher hence she is inthe hospital. My other friend Megan is starting to think seriously about tne future with her boyfriend. My other friend Megan has been with my friend zack sence our freshman year and there thinking about getting hitched. My sister is out of school and working with mentally challenge and behaviorly challenge youth. My other sister got divorced. My grandma who I cant remeber beacause i was too little died and i can never see her again. My friend justin got married to mito. Everthing is so diffrent this year. So not all things that are diffrent are bad but it does seem a little overwhellming when you look at it. Life was designed for change but sometimes i wonder if i was . I hope some things in my life (which are people but i am not telling who) stay constant in my life.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Uniting of two people and two cultures

I witnessed the second most wonderful thing in the world today. The uniting of not only two people as one but also two cultures as one. My friend justin got married to a girl named mito. Mito is from japan. The wedding was stupendous. They incorporated American traditional weddings with Japanese weddings. They were so happy together. There families were wonderful to. A lot of family and friends from japan come over just for the wedding.

Then to top the day off I saw my friend Clint. He is justin ( the one who got married) brother. We used to be friends then he went off to college. He goes to college in Ohio and I never see him. But he was here. So we talked a lot. And he asked me to marry him. Which was really wired then he asked my dad if he could marry me. And my dad was not reluctant to give me away. He said he would go home and pack and have my stuff on the porch in the morning. That was not very nice of him. My dad was just looking for and excuse to get rid of me. So all that was breath taking. I also met some of clints family one of which was very intriguing. So today has been wonderful and tomorrow will be even better. I know it. By the way here are the newest words

your beautiful my love your beautiful
more than your heart can ever know or ever feel
my bride my love for you surpasses all that is real
more than your heart could ever know or understand
your beautiful your beautiful
o cant you see your beautiful
o cant you see you are lovely
I gave you ly life I give you my love
o cant you see you are beautiful
Turn your eyes from me for they over whelm me
you have ravished my heart my bride
you have ravised my heart with one glance of your eyes
How sweet is your love my bride
How much better than wine Is your love
my heart is full so full of love for you
I know your love
I feel your passion for my life your warm embrace
has made me so secure your words of love have filled my longing heart
i am so full so full of love for you
And now i sing i sing of love for you
receive my love the passion on mu heart for you
as we embrace your love enfolds my life
you fill my soul you are my every breath
i am so full of you

Friday, November 18, 2005

Its finally over

I am so glad that this week is over. It has been so hectic. This week produce many trials in my life some of which will carry over in to the weeks to come. But I had and still have the strenght to perserver throught them. Well now that this week is over I am going to celebrate by going out and having a goood time. Good clean fun. Really I should be going to bed cause I have had zero sleep in the last like 32 hours. But why go to sleep when I could be having fun. Tommarow I am going to my friends wedding. I am so excited for him. Not only is he getting married but his brother clint is comming home from college. Clint and I are friends and I havent seen his sence like may. So i am excited for the reuniting. Well I guess I will talk to you all later. I have to go with my friends

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Down and out

I never realized that you can spend your whole life pouring in to something and in one second lose it all. At that moment when all is poured out and lost the life becomes meaningless. I have felt that meaningless. It's lonely. Those that were there feel like they are slowly slipping away fading into the memory. All that are, aren't really there or care. All that mattered doesn't.

But aren't we all glad I don't feel this way. Although I am kinda frustrated. School is not going well because my transcripts are all messed up. Relationships with friends are horrible. I feel really distant from everyone. (No jared I am not whining) People are being really jerkish at school to. At home we are not getting along the best. But what can be done. Nothing.... EXCEPT......................

Saturday, November 12, 2005


This has been a fun two days. Friday school was boring as usual. Then after school I went over to megs and watched borne Idenity. Then on the way too the basketball game I got in a fight with Rob meg's brother. This was a fun loving fight. HAHAHA. Then we arrived at the game. I hung out with Jared and Chris. This was entertaining because they were both trying to be just like the cheerleaders. The were both doing all the moves and chanting. ( bit wierd eh.) Then after the game I had to search a couple people out and talk to them. Then Joe invited Jared, Adrienne, and I to his house. So we sat in his basement and talked about wierd things. (And I mean wierd things) Then Adrienne and Me left about 11:30 and went to steak'n shake. Ate food and then went back to her house about 12:30 or 1:00. Of corse we then stayed up forever talking about people from school and rating people and others things. Then we went to bed. I woke up to her veryvery very very very (must I say it again very loud raidio alarm. So from that moment I was very hyper. So then on saturday we parked cars that was a very exciting time. But to bored to write about it. well thats been all the excitement. Check yah later

Sunday, November 06, 2005


this is horrible. I think i am dieing. I hope you all miss me when I am gone. I am sicker than i have been in a long time.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Sick and not liking it

I am sick and I am not liking it. I wish to go to bed but know I wont sleep I thought I would tell yah all how my day went. Well ....... It went swell. I am glad thought it is almost over. Random question does any of you like Aladdin. That was my favorite movie when I was little. And I have to admit it still is. Right up there with pirates of the Caribbean. I was talking to jared about this and he said he hated it. Isn't that sad. You know what else is sad that jared's nose is fractured. Poor kid. My sympathies go out to you. Well I took some nightquill and am getting sleepy. well I guess I will get that sleep after all. buh bye
by the way don't you think buoy is a weird word?