the secret life

This is the extent of my life that you all dont know. The mysterious russian side that none of you are aware of.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


i now have aim. and guess what my screen name is. The first one to guess gets a cookie.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Home sweet Home

Hey yall. Here I am in lafayette. I am in the process of unpacking. (How exciting) So I am thinking that we all need to get together. Cause I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Who is up for a random party. I most definatly am. We need date time place. We could all party at my house.Excuse me apartment. But I dont know. Or maybe some one elses house. I really dont know. So you all tell me when a good time is and if they dont coinside then i will just have lots of parties. whahhhooohhhhoooo.HECK YES!!!!!! And we will invite the nabisco cookie man. That is a funny story. when I see u all then I will have to tell you. Rebecaa I have stories lots of funny ones from work. You will lauph really hard. As for the rest of you well you will all lauph to. If anyof you find out where I live then you can randomly show up whenever. I love when people do that. I dont start working at walmart until after the fourth so until then party on .... I will be here unless I am out with friend.My sister works one job from 7 to 5 then the next one from 5 to 11 so I never will see here or enjoy company here. Its sad but I will get over it. well love you bunches my tea is running away so I need to go catch it.

Saying of the day.......What the flip is THAT!
dedicated to my friend amanda who came in to walmart while I was throwing rotten meat away and she said at the top of her lungs "What The Flip Is THAT.!!!!!!"

Monday, June 12, 2006


well i have a little something for you all....

meg -- I have your shirt and will be returning it in two weeks when I come to lafayett. And heck yes!!! we should throw ourselves a party at the end of this month.

Mary-- Boys are awsome. Not!!! But what the heck I thought I would give it a try. I will also return your belt in two weeks when I move to lafayette.!!!

Interuption!!!!!! I will be able to see you all now for I am moving in with my sister on possibly the 25. I though I would put it on here cause I was sick of everyone asking what was up so there yah go.

Adrienne-- You dont even understand how much I miss you right now. I thought about calling but wasnt sure if I should. Well I hope to see you before you move away.

Joe P- I really hope you are staying out of trouble. I know it is most difficult for you. Dont forget the park incident. How exciting.

Jordan-- What is there to say I just talked to you at midnight. Well I hope you are being nice to everyone not to be confused with to nice. If you know what I mean.

Tirzah-- well where the heck are u. I miss you tremendously. I cant stand it. Remeber all the fun times that we had. Goodtimes Goodtimes. Passing notes in english writting contining storyies with meg and james. Wowsers.

James-- Its nice to see that you stop by when I am at work. what would work be with out the ocassional intrusion by you. And one more thing. I am STILL NOT TELLING YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Jared-- Well I hope that sence I am not around that your right arm is healing. It should be you have had enough time off away from me. Well hope you can help that day.

Erin and Hurf-- You both are the wonderful friends. There is so much to say but I guess I could tell you all when you call later. Hurf I hope you are having fun at work in where ever it is you are. Erin I hope you are having fun with life in general. Love you both bunches.

Rebecca-- Who wouldnt miss you. I miss you so much to. I miss all the random questions that you asked about things...... Well lets just leave it at thinngs..... I know that you want to know all about "the boy" so when I move up there we can go out and do something and you can ask all the questions you want cause your so go at it.

Andy-- where have you been all my life.......ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!!!

John- the in depth conversation we had this summer was good. I am glad that I could help and if you need to talk anymore let me know.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


hey all. I got my job at walmart and work 2- 11 on some days. It has been really hectick. I dont work in the deli now which I am siked about but I do work in the meat depatment. No I do not cut meat I am a stalker(hehe)well I stalk shelfs. And I also hang out in the freezer and the cooler. Yeah. Well during this time I have seen a lot of my old friends. I have a lot of mixed feelings about that all but it is nice to see them. I have also made quite a few new friends. We all know that is soooooooo difficult for me. not. Another shoking thing is I am now dating some one. How crazy is that. I know it is a wierd thing but it happens. He is really nice and funny and he makes me happy. I also got my liscense and drive the red car. I also got a cell phone. wwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhoooooooooooooooooo. So yeah that is my life in a nut shell. I miss you all a lot and want to thank you all for your wonderful friendship. I look forward to seeing you all again if not on the earth then in heaven. well love you all bunches.

ps. to a certain some one who reads this I am glad we had that conversation and I think we should see how we can work things out cause the way they are now sucks......
and stay away from krispy kreams...... I MEAN IT!!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Birthday

I AM 19 YEARS OLD. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

schools out

finally school is out and i am finally graduated. I got my liscense today and also got my cell phone. How exciting. My best friend hurf is leaving me on sunday andit is really sad. Also I start working at walmart in crawfordsville on saturday. How fun is all that. I know that I promised mad posting but life is now more busier that before. That makes me even more sad. well I love you all a bunch. Yes I just used the forbidden word love. But oh-well ... Talk to you all later.